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Inspiring Black and Asian Leaders

A safe forum for Black and Asian senior leaders from differing sectors to engage in a challenging, thought-provoking and inspiring environment.

Download the full programme descriptor here.

This programme, inspired by and developed in partnership with Windsor Leadership alumni, offers strategic minded leaders the opportunity to appreciate the richness and impact of their cultural diversity and what it brings to their environments. In a society facing increasing challenges around diversity and race, they will reflect on what is needed as a leader and to be encouraged to shape an energising vision for how to be supported, as they lead on a personal, organisational and societal level.

Debate, discuss and reflect

In a confidential environment this programme will aim to:

  • Reflect on the strengths and challenges of your leadership and impact as a Black or Asian leader.
  • Explore Black and Asian leadership from a systemic and holistic view.
  • Expand your supportive network of likeminded peers from differing sectors.
  • Consider what your organisation and society will demand from you as a leader in the future.
  • Understand how you can support and put structures in place to look after yourself in this often lonely role and even more so as your responsibility as a leader increases.
  • Discuss and reflect on the difficult leadership challenges that come with leading out of your comfort zone, and the complexity of difficult decision-making.
  • Formulate a vision to inspire you individually and collectively to take new actions in your life, organisation and communities.

Who should attend

The programme is aimed at Black and Asian leaders who have progressed towards more senior leadership positions, with growing responsibility for strategic, as well as operational, decisions. Their leadership remits will increasingly span broader areas of the organisation’s business. All participants should have the potential to continue their leadership journey to the most senior strategic positions.