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Our programmes

Taking good leaders and making them outstanding.

In a fast-paced, ever-changing global environment, outstanding leadership is vital to the success of individuals, organisations, sectors and society.

We provide inspirational programmes for leaders who currently, or will, have the potential to shape the future of their own organisations and society as a whole. Our focus on self-development and self-awareness within our programmes will better equip you to respond to the challenges of strategic leadership.

The programmes range from two to five days and are all held within Windsor Castle, followed by a Part II, six months later, designed to review and reflect on the continued learnings from Part I.

Selection and participation 

Our highly selective process guarantees full cross-sector diversity and ensures your co-attendees are all at the same point of their leadership development. Learnings are focused around conversation with those cross sector attendees as well as the programme Chair, the facilitators and our guest speakers.

We offer space for you to reflect, debate, discuss, and transform your thinking and leadership behaviours on a personal and professional level. With only one participant attending from an organisation at any one time, we guarantee you a safe and confidential environment, ensuring open and honest dialogue. All programmes operate under the Chatham House Rule.

Each programme has regular breakout groups where you can discuss your personal leadership challenges. Plenary sessions will allow you to hear from senior leaders, review shared insights and discuss themed topics. Time is set aside for reflection, encouraging you to review your leadership journey, your barriers and where you would most like to be.

The Windsor Programme

There are three different programme levels which reflect the increasingly complex challenges you face as a leader, as your role becomes more strategic and your responsibilities grow. We use the application process to ensure that you attend the most appropriate programme for your progression.

Emerging leaders – for those currently in more operational leadership roles. Programme description

Developing leaders – aimed at leaders who have already moved into more strategic leadership positionsProgramme description

Experienced leaders – for senior strategic leaders who have been in post for several years. Programme description

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Women in Leadership

You will focus on the specific challenges and issues faced by senior women as you progress through your career.

All attendees will be female to encourage an open and trusting environment.

Programme description

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Leaders in Transition

This programme supports you as you move into your first senior leadership position (CEO or board level). You will be able to address the challenges and issues that you will face during your first 18 months.

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Strategic Leaders Programme

Attendance at the Strategic Leaders Programme is by invitation only.  Held under the Chatham House Rule it is a safe forum for leaders operating at the highest level to debate the complex issues of leadership. This programme aims to provide participants with the time and space to consult and reflect on how they can better use their influence, decisions and actions to benefit their organisations and wider society. Our participants come from all sectors of society including business, government, military, religion, higher education and not for profit. This cross sector exposure to different styles of leadership, combined with our facilitated approach, is what makes us unique. 

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